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Drink & Snack,


Fellowship of the fearless pioneers of unknown flavors

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We try the same flavors over and over again because we have tried them many times before and we know we like them.


But how many incredible flavors are hidden in that many unknowns where we have not looked yet?
How to get to them? How to find if you don't know what you are looking for?


Two powers will help us: the Power of Community and the Power of Chance. With the help of these powers, we will become pioneers of unknown flavors.


We will experience that exciting feeling when you eagerly open a gift box, that feeling when you put your hand in a bag for a wish, when you stealthily peek around the corner to find out what is there.


Together we will bring back the suspense magic of meeting the unknown!

 Your Roadmap

 Phase I

1.  Mint

Mint NFT. Fate will determine the recipe for your drink and snack

2. Go to bar

Wait for the weekend and go to your favorite bar. If you have all the ingredients you can make it at home

3. Grab a drink & snack

Ask the bartender to prepare a drink & snack according to NFT. Taste it!

4.  Voting

Rate your Drink&Snack (instructions below) and post your rating along with a real photo of the D&S. We will make a top list based on your ratings

5. Expert review

Sommeliers and professional food critics from our community will review the top, choose the best D&S and bring them to perfection

6. Contest

We will showcase the flavors discovered by our community around the world by entering our D&S in international competitions

 Phase II

Here, we have a large community of professionals from the food and beverage industry, food bloggers, connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages, bartenders, sommeliers, gourmets, restaurateurs, chefs and just food and drink lovers. We are ready to move on.


In the second phase, we create a trait-branded collection around which an ecosystem is built with three main interacting parties (but not only them):


Manufacturers of beverages and food get the opportunity through the collection to promote their brands to a huge new diverse audience around the world.


Bars are gaining access to a new approach to attracting new patrons by providing the opportunity to explore new drinks and snacks (and also receive cost compensation from manufacturers).


Foodies get the opportunity (with discounts, or for free) to discover new flavors and explore new brands of drinks and snacks.


This is the general concept of the next phase that we are developing with the help of the community.


Are you a little-known craft spirits enthusiast?

Are you a manufacturer of niche masterpieces of flaming liquids?

Does your little cafe make magical pastries?

We want to support you in your endeavors. We will include your drink or food as ingredients in our collection. The whole world will know about you through our collection!

Contact us on Twitter: @YDSP_art, @Turshild

Voting Guidelines

ATTENTION! To become an approved Fearless Pioneer, you must own the NFT you are rating at the moment of voting!

1. After the Drink & Snack are ready for you (or you did it yourself), take a photo (or video) of it

2. Taste the Drink & Snack and rate it in two categories.

The first is rating for the Drink from 1 to 10.
The second is rating for the Drink & Snack combination also from 1 to 10.
Write your ratings in a special way so that we can automatically collect all the ratings.

You rate the Drink at 7 points. You rate the Drink & Snack combination at 9 points. Your NFT ID is 2415. So the code will be id2415_D7_DS9


3. Tweet with a photo of Drink & Snack (not with a picture from nft!). At the beginning of the tweet, write the hashtag #YDSPvote and code with ratings and NFT ID. Write your review next

4. Done! You tasted Drink & Snack and rated it. Your wallet number and twitter are now in Fearless Pioneers list (you must own NFT at the time you tweet). You can look forward to some bonuses in the second phase.
Now we will be patient and wait until there are enough votes. Next step - Expert Review (item 5 in the roadmap)

 Sneak pics

See sneak pics on twitter



Project founder.
Artist, Programmer, Alcoholic, Foodie. @Turshild


If you are inspired by the project and would like to become a member of the team feel free to tweet me to @YDSP_art